How to Make DIY Colored Sugar to Decorate All Things Delicious

There are so many wonderful times you can decorate with colored sugar–sugar cookies, cupcakes, candies, birthday cakes, cotton candy, martini rims, even DIY sugar scrubs–the possibilities are endless! But you don’t need to fret if you don’t have any, and you certainly don’t need to wait the 2-3 days for it to be delivered. In fact, you’ll be better off taking the few minutes to make your own because you can use your own organic ingredients!


Have sugar? Great. Food coloring? Perfect! You’re ready to make DIY colored sugar!


All you have to do is mix about a half cup of sugar with 1-2 drops of the food coloring (or as many as need until you achieve the intended color) of your choice in a plastic bag. Give it a good tossing and turning, and you have a handmade edible decoration…plus you know exactly what went into it! If using immediately, do so now!


If storing for later use, allow it to dry on wax or parchment paper by spreading it thin, and leave it be for 15-20 minutes. Keep it ready-to-use in an airtight container (a mason jar works well!) and you’ve prepped yourself colored sugar for all your upcoming decorating needs!


Here are some helpful tips you may need along the way:

  • Color sugar in smaller batches. The food coloring incorporates more quickly.
  • If you’ve over-colored your sugar, just add a little more sugar to the bag and the color will lighten.
  • Liquid food coloring is easier to mix into the sugar; gel food coloring offers brighter colors.
  • If the sugar is lumpy after adding the food coloring, run it through a sieve.
  • Add a few drops of a flavored extract for extra creativity and taste!





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