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You hear it all the time: the skin is the body’s largest eliminative organ. And that means that it’s also really good at absorbing everything that you put on it. And it’s not just your skin! Your hair also deserves some safe, natural love! Bottom line, it makes sense to make sure all your body and hair care products are as amazing as possible for you, and eliminate (as much as possible) any harmful or questionable ingredients.

To help you with that, we have all sorts of articles, recipes, and products for all your skin and hair care needs. Deodorant, body wash, hand soap, DIY options,  commercial products, and more–they’re all here! Enjoy!


Check out all our articles about body and hair care! We thoroughly research all our information so you don’t have to (and we post all our references–full transparency here!).

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If you want to jump in and make your own body and hair care products, check out our recipes here!

Just like with the articles, we’re updating and adding all the time, so check back often for new recipes!

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Check out all our favorite body and hair care products here! We also have products you might need for some of the DIY recipes.

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