Whether you have a large garden, herbs growing on a balcony, are raising flowers, or produce most of your own food, your ultimate goals are probably to save money, help the Earth, promote sustainability, and (perhaps most of all) have some control over what goes onto your table and into your family’s bodies.

To help you achieve those goals, we have guides about organic pest control, gardening tips and tricks, and much more.


Dealing with fire ants? We’ve got an article for that. Best ways to store your harvest? We got you! Growing plants to attract pollinators? We’re here for you! Preserving seeds? You know we wouldn’t leave you hanging! In fact, we have a bunch of articles you might find interesting (and helpful)! Check them out by clicking the button below!

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Our gardening recipes help you with organic pest control. They also talk about ways to organically boost your soil, how to make organic compost tea, and more! Plus, we have some nifty guides about companion plants (like thyme and strawberries) that help support each other when grown close together. Check it all out here!

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You can find products we love and trust discussed in the articles and the recipes, but to save you time, we also list them all here.

We hope that our guide to commercial products (and products used in the DIY recipes) will help you achieve all your gardening dreams, all year ’round!

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