Your Guide to the Benefits of Earthing (And How to Take Advantage of Them)

Our bodies are amazing. That’s undeniably true, even though there is so much about them we still don’t know. One of the “newest” things people are starting to understand is that our bodies are made up of electricity–we are constantly producing electrical currents with every synapse in our brain firing messages to tell our bodies to move, breath, digest, everything.

The way our bodies function is perfect–so what happens when we add cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, and everything else we are surrounded with in the 21st century to the equation? Our bodies become over-burdened with too many positive charges, creating free-radicals and causing our internal systems to work incorrectly.

We Are All Physically Stressed

In fact, according to an article in the ESD Journal, “Today everyone is physically stressed, their muscles are tense, back and joint pain are the norm and most do not sleep well. These conditions all relate to excess stimulation of the nervous system and/or interference of the bio-electrical communications between cells.”

Some of the side effects of this over-burdening phenomenon include inflammation, the inability to get quality sleep, muscle stiffness and pain, chronic pain in general, overly stressed, poor immune response, and so many more.  

Using Earthing to Relieve Symptoms of Physical Stress

Okay: so our bodies get bogged down with all of these positive charges from the technological things we are surrounded with more and more every day. And, we feel the ramifications of it through chronic pain and poor sleep. How, then, do our bodies find the balance again? How do they release the extra electricity that is causing damage to our cells and basic bodily functions?

I’ll tell you how: through the very simple, cost-effective way of “earthing”, or “grounding”.

Earthing is the practice of putting your body in direct contact with the earth. The only thing you need to practice earthing is a patch of bare earth (e.g. grass, sand, dirt, rock) and your bare feet. That’s it. You don’t have to buy a single thing to reap the scientifically documented benefits of earthing.

Benefits of Earthing

Earthing/grounding allows your feet to conduct the negative charges from the earth to balance out the heinous amount of positive charges that overload our modern-day bodies. When was the last time you stood barefoot on the earth? How did it feel?

It felt amazing, right? Like your body was finally able to relax? Like every cell in your body found inexplicable peace? Like you were a real, normal-functioning human again? Yep, exactly. It is amazing what nature can do to normalize our bodies!

Easily Increase Your General Wellbeing

Back in the day, humans were in direct contact with the earth constantly; they slept and ate on the ground, walked around barefoot, and were close with nature. Nowadays, we are about as far away from nature as possible. We live up off the ground, some of us on the 3rd or 15th floor. And, we wear shoes with rubber sole barriers as we walk on concrete to get inside our car that hovers above said concrete.

Come to think of it, there may be DAYS when you don’t even cross a patch of grass because there simply isn’t any around. Wow…such a sad thought.

The scientific study of earthing is not new. It has been studied since at least the 1920s (when our modern way of living became more commonplace) and was considered as a way to increase general wellbeing and decrease a variety of serious illnesses even then!

Sometimes the answer to our health problems is just under our feet, if we are only willing to take our shoes off and reconnect.


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