The Surprising Benefits of Being Out in the Rain

We tend to see rain as an inconvenience, something that puts a “damp-er” on our plans and keeps us trapped inside. How dare the rain…


But really, there are many benefits of being out in the rain. In fact, rain can be one of the most healing and freeing opportunities that we don’t take nearly enough advantage of. (Please make sure you are only out in the rain when it is safe to do so–not during a thunder and lightening storm or hurricane, for example.) 


  1. Rain cleans the air and gives a sense of freshness and a new start. Have you ever noticed how blue the sky is after a rainfall? The rain has cleared the air of the pollutants that our modern lifestyle causes. Sit outside under your cover, take a walk, or open your windows to enjoy this wonderful advantage.


  1. One of the other benefits of being out in the rain? Running in the rain helps you to last longer because rain acts as a natural air conditioner, keeping your body temperature down so you don’t overheat as quickly. When your body has to work harder to stay warm, you may also find that you burn more calories.


  1. The sound of rainfall is relaxing and nonthreatening, so hearing it will help relieve anxiety and stress.


  1. If you are the type of person who prefers solitude, there tends to be fewer people out and about when it’s raining, creating a perfect opportunity for you to be alone in nature and reconnect.


  1. The smell of rain (aka petrichor) comes from a bacteria that is found in healthy soils after a rainfall. This smell has a calming effect that helps our mood and stress levels.


  1. Rain causes high humidity which keeps our hair and skin healthy and moisturized, while also reducing a virus’s ability to spread! Extra bonus!


  1. It helps to fulfill that nagging sense of rebellion in your soul. It’s always thrilling to do something that feels just a little bit naughty, and, for some reason, walking in the rain gives us that same feeling. Maybe it’s because almost no one else is doing it (that friends-jumping-off-a-bridge metaphor), or maybe because we’re told (incorrectly) at a young age that walking in the rain will “make us sick”, so our inner seven-year-old selves are wild with abandon.


Let’s be clear: it is not being wet from rain that can make you sick; it is the cold temperatures that can lower your immune system’s defense and cause the runny nose or cough (if your body is already carrying a virus). We know this is true because we don’t get sick after swimming in summer or showering in our comfortably heated home.


So make sure to dress appropriately with water-resistant clothes and after your walk or run, take a warm shower or soak your feet in a warm tub, and drink a cup of hot, organic tea! Take advantage of the purest form of water revitalize you and find your joy in this under appreciated healing weather.




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