How to Make DIY Baby Wipes With Ingredients You Can Pronounce

Store-bought baby wipes are convenient, yes. They do not add to the laundry pile, true. You can wrap them up in the used disposable diaper and have them disappear forever. All real positives in the pros column for wipes.


But what about the cons? Ingredient list: appallingly filled with harmful chemicals. Expense: a slow and gradual cost that sneaks up on you (think about the number of years these are used for). Unsustainable: harmful to Mother Nature who really needs us to get it together.


So why not look into some better options for your little ones? Here we go…


DIY Baby Wipes

Ingredients for General Liquid


There’s a couple of different ways to use this concoction:

  1. Buy cloth baby wipes and either soak them with the liquid and store in a container, or add the liquid to a spray bottle and spray on the material as needed.
  2. Buy your own chosen material and sew your own wipes in a 9×9 inch square, and either soak them with the liquid and store in a container, or add the liquid to a spray bottle, and spray on the material as needed.
  3. Cut a roll of paper towels in half and place in a reusable container, soak with the liquid and allow to absorb for 5-10 minutes. (This is a less sustainable option because of the paper towels, but if you’re in need of something that you can throw away without the fuss of storing and washing, this is still a better option than store-bought.)


For convenience, you can buy or make a wet bag to store used/need to be laundered wipes for when you’re out and about!


An even simpler option for wipes…

Here’s the thing: we as adults wipe with just toilet paper, maybe even using a bidet. So why do we think that we need something fancy for our children? I’m lucky enough to live with one of my beautiful nieces, and we use cloth wipes and water to clean her bum. Super easy, super clean, and not a sign of diaper rash. The few times she did have diaper rash (after using other wipes and/or diapers with chemicals), we combated it using natural diaper balm and air time.


It’s great when things come out that are more convenient for us, especially those of us who are raising kids and have a full-time job. It helps to provide us with some much needed time to spare. But when it comes at the cost of our kids’ skin or the Earth, we have to look at more non-(recently)traditional methods to be able to make those better choices. And the great part is that being non-traditional is getting easier and easier! We can have our cake and eat it too.





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