We’ve put together a fun, easy quiz you can take to see if your dog is optimally healthy (in the truest sense of the word), or if there are some areas that are out of balance.


Once you’ve taken the quiz, you’ll have a better understanding of where your dog might need a little additional support. Then, check out our articles,  recipes, and products  to help get them back on the path to complete vitality!

On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being “completely agree” and 1 being “don’t agree at all”), rate your answers to the following statements. There are no right or wrong answers, so be as objective as possible. At the end of the quiz, you’ll be able to see if your dog is thriving, or if there are some areas where they might need a little help.

Coat: Look at your dog’s coat, then rate your answers to the following statements:

  1. My dog’s coat is shiny and soft: ____
  2. When I run my hands through my dog’s fur, it doesn’t leave any oily residue or gunk on my fingers: ____
  3. My dog’s coat doesn’t feel dry or brittle: ____
  4. When I look at my dog’s coat, I don’t see any skin flakes or discoloration/bald patches from excessive licking or chewing: ____

Eyes: Look at your dog’s eyes, then rate your answers to the following statements:

  1. The whites of my dog’s eyes are clear: ____
  2. The whites of my dog’s eyes don’t have tinges of red: ____
  3. My dog’s eyes don’t have excessive discharge (they aren’t “weepy”): ____

Parasites: Think about your dog’s experience with parasites over the course of the past year, then rate your answers to the following statements:

  1. My dog never picks up fleas and ticks, even when we go into areas where fleas and ticks are (such as out on hiking trails, etc.): ____
  2. I feel comfortable not applying flea and tick preventives to my dog because they never seem to have a problem with parasites: ____

Body condition/weight: Look at your dog’s overall body condition and feel their ribs and front of their chest, then rate your answers to the following statements:

  1. I can easily feel my dog’s ribs (and, if my dog has a short coat, I can see the outline of their ribs through their fur): ____
  2. My dog’s chest doesn’t have an excess layer of fat on it: ____
  3. When I look down at my dog from above, I can see a narrowing where their waist is: ____
  4. My dog’s hip bones don’t just out when I look down at my dog from above: ____

Oral health: Look at your dog’s teeth and gums, then rate your answers to the following statements:

  1. My dog’s teeth are shiny and white: ____
  2. My dog’s breath isn’t offensive: ____
  3. My dog doesn’t have tartar and plaque build-up: ____
  4. I never have to get my dog’s teeth cleaned because they’re so sparkly: ____

Odor: Rate your answer to the following statements:

  1. If someone walked into my house and my dog(s) weren’t visible or making noise, they wouldn’t even know I had dogs because they wouldn’t be able to smell them: ____
  2. When I pet my dog, I can’t smell a “doggy odor” at all: ____
  3. When I walk into my house, I don’t notice a “doggy” smell: ____

Stool and anal glands: Think about your dog’s waste, then rate your answers to the following statements:

  1. My dog’s stool is small and compact: ____
  2. My dog eliminates waste infrequently (less than 2 times per day): ____
  3. My dog’s anal glands never get impacted or need to be manually expressed: ____
  4. My dog’s stool doesn’t have a very strong smell: ____

Behavior: Rate your answers to the following statements:

  1. My dog has energy, but isn’t frenetic: ____
  2. My dog doesn’t have nervous energy, but also isn’t lethargic: ____

Mental ability: Think about your dog’s mental strength, then rate your answers to the following statements:

  1. I’m constantly surprised at how smart my dog is: ____
  2. My dog seems to learn new things quickly: ____
  3. My dog is extraordinarily perceptive and able to focus: ____

Endurance: Think about when you take your dog for hikes, walks, jogs, or do any other type of play/exercise with them, then rate your answers to the following statements:

  1. When I play with/exercise my dog, their energy lasts for a reasonable and appropriate amount of time: ____
  2. My dog doesn’t lose energy quickly under normal circumstances: ____
  3. When I exercise my dog, they are ready for more by the next day: ____

Aging: Think about your “senior” dog (in general, a dog is deemed “senior” when they are 7 or older, so that’s what we’ll go with for the purposes of this quiz), then rate your answers to the following statements:

  1. My “senior” dog still has a good amount of energy: ____
  2. My “senior” dog is mentally sharp: ____
  3. My “senior” dog doesn’t evince excessive joint pain or stiffness: ____
  4. My “senior” dog may have slowed down a little bit, but they’re still thriving: ____

Examining the details

Total up your points and then check below to see what your dog’s score means!

144-180 points

Congratulations, your dog is thriving! It’s important to support your dog’s health and vitality throughout their life, so keep doing what you’re doing. Re-take this quiz each year to make sure your dog is still flourishing.

108-143 points

While your dog is generally a relatively healthy individual, their systems and organs aren’t as strong and balanced as they could be. The good news is there’s still time to get them back on the road to complete vitality before big issues start cropping up.

36-107 points

Your dog probably needs natural support to help them get back into balance. You may already see signs of chronic conditions, and if you don’t, there’s a good chance that chronic conditions will start to present soon. The good news is you can help turn things around with a common-sense, natural approach.

Please note

If you marked 1 or 2 to any statements, your dog’s body may be deficient in certain areas or overloaded with toxins, even if they were high scorers in other areas.


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